Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Funny, If...

NAH...even they wouldn't let Rummy continue to run things from the shadows -- the dark side, if you will...

Just because the Rumster still has an office in the Pentagon...Just because they can't find Rummy's "resignation letter"...Just because Rumbo and Cheney are locked at the hip and are this nation's most infamous tag-team...Just because one day after Stinky W. announced HE was The Decider, Rummy was doing a heckuva job and wasn't going anywhere, Rummy was gone...Just because Cheney never uttered one word of objection but brought in Iran-Contra bullet-dodger Robert Gates to put a fresh mask on the face of the Pentagon -- there's no reason to believe Rummy is still in charge.

No reason at all. Pay no attention to the "shadow government" created under the auspices of the Pentagon -- Black Ops, covert operations, Total Info Awareness (TIA, which, when ordered to cease and desist, Rummy shrugged, said, "Okay, you can have the name. I'll give you the corpse, but I'm going to keep the program...") Disregard the $2 trillion (yes, "Trillion") Rummy said with a shrug was "lost," but is used to fund/arm the 140, 000-plus corporate mercenaries stirring up chaos in Iraq.

Pay no attention to me. I'm a certified conspiracy theorist. You can go back to sleep, or you can pull back the mask. If you do; if you peer into the shadows, you will see Cheney still driving this killing machine -- and Rummy still riding shotgun.

Then, like me -- you'll never sleep again.

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