Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cal's Straight Talk -- Campaign Buffoonery

Nothing personal, but it appears to me that the Democrats endorsing Obama so we can get some "change and unity" in the country are trying to slip the country a mickey. The establishment is running scared because they see the public wants change, so much so that candidates like Ron Paul get 10% of a mixture of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and John Edwards keeps peeling off 17%. So they think they can play like they're giving us "change" in the form of a new "personality." However, it isn't a real "change" in the political system the dems and repubs have set up for themselves, you know -- the system that serves them so well they can stay in congress for decades no matter how much they fail or how little they actually do for the people.

What do you think it would do to "establishment" politicians if real change hit, if some real change agent got elected they hadn't endorsed? They would be back on the interstate headed home after their current terms were up. The incest reunion would be over. Whatever one thinks of Edwards he has said he would nail shut the revolving door between politicians and lobbyists; he has said he would name names...expose corruption. Ron Paul has said the same thing. Therefore, Edwards and Paul must be margalinized or shut out because they might be real change agents.

Which is exactly what has happened.

If you investigate some of the current meetings and groups of big wigs, you will see that a lot of former long-time congressional good ol' boys have formed and convened all these "meetings" to discuss our dire straits. The dire straits they talk about are not Iraq or Iran or our plummeting economy, but how the two parties are being destroyed. I saw a whole gaggle of them on C-span spouting this line -- and the entire group was made up of all the well-known, go along to get along, self-servicing names from the past -- Sam Nunn, Christi Todd Whitman, Dan Burton, David Boren, and on and on, ad nauseam.

Hillary takes no prisoners, Edwards takes no prisoners, Paul takes no prisoners. They all have semi-enemies from their experiences and positions they fought for or advocated in the past. Obama has no that a clue? If you don't have any enemies, it's likely you haven't done anything good or bad.

Obama may be a good guy but he is not his own guy. Look beneath the surface, look at the groups I am talking about, you will get the picture. Now, maybe Obama is the kind who will ignore his benefactors and "mentor club" and go against the establishment trait of collusion between the parties that they all practice so they can stay in DC, all comfy together. But I doubt it, it's never happened yet.



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