Saturday, July 16, 2005


George Bush is big on "sending messages" or reminding folks that there are "consequences" for disagreeing with him, especially about his war on vicious terriers and wicked evildoers.

Joshua Davies had to face those consequences on July 14 when he was walking in the Mexico, New York, Volunteer Fire Department Field Days parade. It wasn't the way he was walking that got Davies into trouble. What got the 23-year-old jerked out of the line, searched, handcuffed and thrown into a sheriff's patrol car were the two signs he was carrying as he walked quietly along -- one an "Impeach Bush" sign and another calling for an end to the war in Iraq.

The Syracuse Post Standard reported that spectators, from kids to old folks, were bewildered, some even asking if it was now against the law to protest in an orderly fashion. But the Oswego County high sheriff, Reuel Todd, said that Davies was arrested because he disrupted the day's activity -- said he just "jumped into the middle of the parade, and wasn't legally "entered" in it. However a Mexico fire station official, too aware of consequences to give his name, said people didn't have to "enter" into the parade, all they had to do was ask permission and then join in.

So then Sheriff Todd remembered he had gotten a "complaint" -- yeah, that was it, he got a complaint -- that Davies was disrupting the parade; therefore, Todd says he had no alternative but to arrest him.

One spectator, Mark Harris, a 20-year veteran of the Air Force, was not pleased to see a sign-carrying Iraq war protester, but remarked that he thought dissent was "what being an American means -- the right to protest, to speak your mind." Harris said what happened to Davies was nothing more than "a signal to the kids that you can't do that here..."

Hey, kids -- get the message? In case you didn't, the Post Standard was kind enough to print Davies' street address for those who have further questions...


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