Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cal's Straight Talk -- Jumping Off the Change Train

Okay, maybe I am over-analyzing here but has anyone noticed a "change"?

I'm talking about the change in how the dem "establishment" has changed the campaign issues. For six or more years the number-one complaint of the public has been about the political and government system -- the corruption that led to Iraq and most other problems. This public complaint and disgust put the dems in the majority in the last elections.

It has made no difference. Now we are even angrier.

Realizing this, the dem candidates all hit the 2008 campaign trail talking about change. That is getting a big response from the public because, having once voted for change and not gotten any, we're even more determined to get some change...

But the dems have changed the definition of change.

It's very clear that the dem establishment has gotten firmly behind Obama's "hope" campaign. Ted Kennedy's endorsement made that clear. "Obama is going to make America good again -- from sea to shining sea," Kennedy yelled to an ecstatic crowd. "I feel ch-a-a-a-a-nge in the air!" Since Kennedy has the oldest and biggest and most far-reaching political machine of anyone in congress, this resonated. Candidates heavy on specific issue details like Edwards and even Hillary have been either shut down by the establishment and the media or, in Hillary's case, are in the process of being beat up.

So now the Obama message of change is emphasizing even more heavily that it is "society" that must change. "We the people" must change for the better. When "we" get better, then we will have better government. All the change now talked about is a change in the "public attitude," not a change in the political system. The Obama onus is on us as a society to be better, not for the government to be better. Then after 'we" become a better society we can "take control" of our government.

So how do we do take control after we become better? Will the same politicians in DC listen to us any better after we become better? Will the disapproval ratings the public has given congress, the lowest in history, be taken seriously after "we" become a better society? Will the sit-in's, the petitions, the calls, the protests, the pleas, the votes millions of Americans have already cast be taken seriously when "we" and not "they" become better?

What is going on here by the dem establishment, considering how the repub party has imploded, is the failings of the dem party -- the corruption of the system that has been our main complaint -- is being tossed back to the public like a hot potato. Now, we discover that all our problems are caused by our failings as a society, not by the politicians' own corruption and failures.

Neat trick...I am not falling for it.

Cal 45


At 9:20 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

How can you publish great stuff like this and get no comments??
Thanks to Cal and you too Sheila. (I've noticed you often link items I like on OpEdNews!!)

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Sheila Samples said...

I think I get no comments because, until recently when I started putting my blog address at the bottom of my articles, nobody knew it existed. Also, I'm too lazy/busy to blog every day, but Cal is so brilliant I wanted her to get exposure. If more of us were like Cal, we would already have marched to D.C. and cleaned out the whole place.

I am an editor at OpEd News, and try to surf national and international news daily so we will have the most up-to-date material.

Thanks for your kind words.


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