Saturday, October 22, 2005


One person who has remained ominously silent throughout the administration's campaign to destroy Joseph Wilson by outing his CIA wife is Valerie Plame herself.

But you can be sure that Plame has all the information on the people who worked undercover in various parts of the world who were also exposed and put in danger, many of them possibly eliminated. And all because Joe Wilson dared to warn the White House that the lie it was formulating to take this nation to war had no credence.

UPI is reporting that, once special prosecutor Patick Fitzgerald has completed his investigation, Wilson and Plame are planning to file a civil lawsuit against several administration officials.

That's one thing for which we can thank the Republicans --they were so eager to bring Bill Clinton down that they got their Supreme buddies to rule that Paula Jones could sue Clinton while he was still president.

The next week or so ought to be interesting. Fitzgerald has until 28 Oct to bring indictments if he's going to. Right now, I'm just happy to have "almost" made it through Saturday night without Bush pulling a Nixonesque "Saturday Night Massacre..."But there's still five minutes to go...


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