Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I read that thousands of children might have been separated from their
caregivers in the chaos following Katrina. There are lots of sex offenders out there who can get fake ID and leave their pasts behind, becoming new "parents." In any case, they may end up in foster care with abusers of one kind or another who don't have criminal records. Meanwhile, parents grieve.

The human toll this has taken is inconceivable. These callous bastards will burn in hell on this earth for this. At least it's providing cover for the Roberts nomination and the Iraq war and what is really going on in Gaza and Israel. What is really going on here? We done been fucked, and inasmuch as any of the least of these who were exposed to toxic waste and toxic government and heartbreak and loss, the thugs in power will get theirs.

The universe does not allow for things to be so out of balance. There can be inequality, but it has to balance with equality to maintain itself. That's sort of a law of nature or Newtonian physics. These people have manipulated things, but they have done such a job of creating inequality that it will come back on them like a boomerang thrown very hard -- or a rubber band stretched to its limits before it releases. This situation is way too unbalanced. It can't hold. I'm not
guaranteeing that it will equalize in our lifetimes. More likely the reaction will swing the other way and even the rich will be poor and sick -- and dying for a while along with all the rest of us.

13 Sep 05


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