Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I think the Republicans would love to see the Dems run Hillary in 2008 because they know, as do we, that this country -- the world -- is not ready for a U.S. woman president. I am not a bigot, but I have half sense and one eye, and I know that it will be generations, if ever, before Americans will be comfortable with a woman telling them what to do. If you don't believe me, take a trip through Redneck country -- hit the NASCAR circuit -- and see where you land...

However, even if Hillary does manage to run, her stance on the war in a pitiful attempt to garner red-states' votes, as well as her incomprehensible support for Israel, would keep me from voting for her. No man or woman who stoops to serve two masters should ever be at the helm of the U.S. ship of state. That cancels out most members of Congress, both men and women, doesn't it?

I am pretty outraged right now -- any elected official who can slip between silk sheets tonight after returning from a fund-raising gala while giving no thought to our soldiers being blown to bits at that very moment -- can go straight to hell.

Perhaps it is a result of my working for six years for the U.S. Air Force and 24 years for the U.S. Army, but my allegiance has always been, and will be until the day I die, to the men and women in uniform, all of whom I consider my extended "family." Sending them into a depleted-uranium hellhole without the proper weapons, training or equipment and then sending them home in wooden boxes in the belly of airplanes under heaps and piles of luggage isn't my idea of "supporting" the troops. Hiding the human cost of this illegal, immoral, treasonous war by sneaking them home in the dead of night to Dover Air Force Base with no fanfare and no media coverage is just as bad, if not worse.

That ignorant deserter who abandoned his post in a time of war who struts around calling himself a "war president," and "commander-in-chief" has yet to come up against an enemy that can defend itself. Blowing tens of thousands -- hundreds of thousands even - of innocent men, women and children to bits is not my idea of liberation. It is not my idea of democracy. When Bush heads for Iran to liberate its people, he will be shocked and awed to discover that Iran can fight back. And will.

Americans need to wake the hell up now, or they may discover -- too late -- that's exactly where they're headed...


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