Saturday, March 04, 2006


Debt is not something people even see. There is no drama to catch the attention of the I-pod people. It's so pervasive that it's like a fish seeing water. Bushit has scared the beJezus out of everybody about terriers and Arabs and Muslims and NOW he wants to give the ports away to them.

The plot thickened -- and now it has backfired. People who thought he was just putting on an act of being dumb and folksy are starting to awaken and are horrified to discover that he really is dumb and greedy, and not a bit folksy. His dog has started wagging itself.

The ports, together with wanting to contract with UAE to build WEAPONS components and coupled with the undeniable fact that he was told about the horrible probabilities of Katrina and IT DID NOT REGISTER -- even though it was right there on TV where all the truth is according to the gospel of Bushit&Co and Rover Ltd -- is dangerous and even treasonous.

Well, we might finally have something with legs even though the real danger is that Bushit really is stupid and lies like a rug -- he's terrified the people himself, but since 9/11 he has whelped enough real terriers with his shock&awe that there is more to be scared of than Bushit&Co realizes.

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