Thursday, August 31, 2006


By Royse Samples

Paul Harvey revealed a very alarming fact on his radio show this week. Harvey said according to surveys, most Americans place more significance on 9-11 than on the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor.

Think about that. It sure gives us an insight into the influence that 24/7 cable news has on the American people. On one hand, we had an attack on America by a foreign power capable of waging a war that lasted almost four years and killed close to 300,000 American men and women in uniform and inflicted serious injury on more than 1,000,000 more.

On the other hand, we had a one-time "terrorist attack" that destroyed two skyscrapers and killed approximately 3,000 American civilians. It is beyond the comprehension of any reasonable person how these two events could be put in the same category, much less give more significance to 9-11. Until you consider all the media hype, especially on network and cable TV, associated with 9-11.

The only thing these two events have in common is that the leaders of this country either had prior knowledge of, or orchestrated, the attacks.

What the hell are we coming to? Perhaps the logical explanation for the surveys cited by Harvey, for george bush being (s)elected president twice, and for the republicans gaining control of both houses of congress is they are much better than Democrats at manipulating the entire corporate media -- and at hoodwinking the American people.


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