Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pathetic Abuse of the Homeless

Does anyone remember, in the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan cut back on mental health benefits, and mental institutions were forced to put vast numbers of patients out on the street? Because most were unable to work, were unable to afford food or shelter, they became this nation's homeless. Since that time, these unfortunates, three-fourths of whom are US veterans, have endured a frightening existence. They are abused by their fellow citizens as they cringe in cardboard boxes, huddle under bridges, and forage for food in alley dumpsters.

And, now, we have shameful new laws against feeding these unwanted members of our society in city parks. Is it the shame of having to see those less fortunate than themselves that people react this way? Is this how you and I and millions of others will be treated after the collapse of the economy and we find ourselves on the street? I fear it is!

This nation, through the Hegelian Principle are being programmed to turn their backs on their basic moral values! How can they profess to being Christian when they act like this? Just how can they hold their heads up when they go to church every Sunday and bask in the glory of the lord?

Sadly this country has become a nation of hypocrites! We elect devil worshippers as our leaders of this phony Christian nation and then incorporate their lack of compassion into our way of life. We can pay $l,000 a plate to elect these evil bastards! But we make it a crime to feed the hungry!

Several years ago, Rush Limbaugh said, "I'll tell you how to solve the homeless problem in New York City! Just move all of them over a couple of blocks where I won't have to see them when I come to work. There! Problem solved! They're all drug addicts anyway!"

People who feel this way as they drive around the homeless in their SUVs -- as they cross to the other side of the street in order to avoid those in need on their way to church -- are nothing but a bunch of pathetic, Dittoheaded assholes!



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