Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cal's Straight Talk -- Decisions...Decisions...

After all comparisons of Hillary and Obama, I find they are so similar in their domestic issues, with a few minor exceptions like the health-care mandate, that I have settled on Obama. Not that it matters since we "all" the people don't get to choose the nominee. But the "line in the sand" on the Middle East and the war issue is becoming more clear between the two.

Hillary is the old bizness as usual, Obama is the new. A few things helped to bring me to this conclusion. In a Feb 3 speech, Obama said (and I am paraphrasing here) that "hope was not enough" to make the lions lay down with the lambs without a severe whipping applied to the lions. I think this indicates he at least has some "street smarts," and his kumbaya is his campaign shtick but underneath he knows how the dirty game works.

Then, in an a recent interview with Paris Match magazine, Obama advocated what I have been saying for years -- we need to talk to both Jews and Muslims. He rattled the Republican Jewish Coalition by suggesting we "hold a summit in the Muslim world, with all heads of state," to have "honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap that grows between Muslims and the West."

That is exactly what needs to be done in the ME. I would even go further -- some kind of regional UN should be established by Arab nations so they can work out their own differences and also present a united Arab front to the rest of the world to prevent further meddling in Arabia from outside powers which only stirs up more division and turmoil in the region.

Leaving out the emotion, hype and Obama groupies, the bottom line for me has become...

1) Obama's view of how to handle relations with the rest of the world is better than Hillary's -- is least likely to lead to more wars, and more likely to settle the Israel-Palestine conflict.

2) Since we don't have a fricking thing to lose with Obama on the domestic front and "perhaps" something to gain on the foreign policy front -- and all other things being equal -- the worst-case scenario is he would be a Hilllary-lite instead of a Hillary hawk. And that is probably as good as we are going to get in this election.

Cal 45


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