Monday, January 09, 2006


Submitted by Ol' Yeller...

I am a democrat by birth and conviction. I have never voted for anyone who wasn't a democrat in my life except in 1980 when I couldn't bring myself to vote for the re-election of Jimmy Carter. Although Carter is a decent, honorable man, he just simply wasn't a good president. However, I didn't vote for the republican Reagan -- I voted for the liberaterian and I don't even remember his name.

I read in the paper recently about the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in northeastern Oklahoma, who is also an official in the Southern Baptist Convention, who was arrested for a lewd sexual proposition to an undercover policeman. Based on the entire story and the charges which were filed, I assume the pastor was homosexual.

My first reaction was this was just another hypocritical Baptist preacher in the vein of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, i.e., faux preachers who had rather stump for right-wing political candidates on the Sunday talk shows than to fill a pulpit.

Then I saw this pastor's picture in the paper and all my contempt turned to compassion. I had never given it much thought until now, but I guess I take the Catholic approach to homosexuality. I don't believe anyone of normal intelligence could possibly CHOOSE this lifestyle. I think it is chosen for them before they are even born. Although the physical activity with the gay lifestyle certainly goes against everything in my nature, I am not sure anymore that a moral issue is even involved.

I think the religious reaction toward homosexuals is likely contempt. However, I believe the Christian reaction is more likely compassion.

I discovered long ago there is a big difference between religion and Christianity. I would much prefer to practice the latter.

Ol' Yeller


At 5:37 PM, Blogger apache wind,lou bronstein,jack delaney, dp stone said...

I agree. I'm convinced homesexuality is Mother Nature's method of population control. No one would choose homo activity, it musr be inborn. It's regretable that ignorance makes life hard for those born that way.

At 12:35 AM, Blogger cajajo said...

I agree people were born this way - what I don't get is this: why, if men like other men, do so many of them act girlish? As women do with the 'butch' thing?


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