Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dear “Democratic" Party...

It is not enough to report to people that the Republicans are corrupt when most of the Democrats in congress are running as hard as they can to be just like the Republicans so that they can get lobby money.

The candidate who has the corporate approval stamp on her ass, Hillary Clinton, is a joke with her quibbling about flag burning and soft porn in hard violent video games while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with team Bush and supporting the ridiculous “war on terror” and our imperialistic invasion of Iraq, meddling in South America and the Middle East and her conspicuous silence on such topics as tax rollbacks for the rich.

Shooting up the Middle-east only serves to create terrorists. Treating 9/11 as a war issue instead of a criminal issue has gotten us nowhere and spent a lot of blood and treasure. WHAT HAVE DEMOCRATS DONE ABOUT IT? Congress ceded its authority to the Executive and now we have a dumb thug in charge of the country and our “foreign policy.” Anyone half awake knows that the Democrats have NOTHING to offer in terms of undoing the mess that the Bushies have made of the country and the world.

It is not enough to point fingers at dishonest politicians but not have the courage to support Russ Feingold and John Conyers in their censure amendment and their call for investigation of the crimes of the administration. It is not enough to point the finger but have no plan to rescue education from the mess that Bush has made of it-- to have no plan to get out of Iraq and out of the business of empire. It is not enough to point the finger at corrupt individuals but not address two stolen elections in which the Democrats have been complicit by not fighting back and not making sure that voting machines leave a proper paper trail and have reliable and valid results.

It is not enough to point to the failures of FEMA but offer no comprehensive plan to manage such emergencies. It is not enough to point the finger at Michael Brown, Harriet Myers and other Bush cronies but have no better plan to offer to meet the threat of “bird flu” (if it is a threat and not just a ploy to make Big Pharma, including Rumsfeld, "Big Money" over a hoax).

It is not enough to charge crooked politicians and talk about Abramoff (tsk tsk) but ignore that the president can suspend Habeas Corpus at will, with no checks and balances, or that he can do wiretaps and email searches and physical searches without warrants or oversight. It is not enough to point the finger but have nothing to offer for Social Security, health care or private pension-plan law -- at leastg a plan that doesn’t weaken an already weak system.

I could go on and on and on. . .

The Democrats don’t have a plan and, without a plan, the Democrats will eventually go down, because there is truly not a dime’s worth of difference at this point between the “mainstream” Democrats and the Republicans. Or perhaps it is only “dimes” that are the difference between these “two” look-alike parties.

At this point even a true conservative would be preferable to what either major party offers. I am a lifelong Democrat, but now I am supporting the Progressive Democrats of America because the Democrats have let down their base.


Front Porch Philosopher


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