Monday, May 08, 2006


This photo, taken by photographer Kevin Carter in 1994 during the Sudan famine, garnered him a Pulitzer Prize. The vulture is waiting for the starving child to die so that it can eat him. Carter admits that he has no idea what happened to the child because he left the place as soon as he took the photo.

This was found in his diary-- "Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery..."

I have one very simple question. Why the hell didn't Carter pick that starving child up and carry him to the United Nations food camp. I don't blame him for commiting suicide. If I had known for three months that I had left a child to die like that, I would have committed suicide too. But, I would never have left him like that -- not as long as I had a breath in my body.

Carter's justification would likely have been, "Well, I couldn't help all of the starving children in Sudan." True, but he could have helped that one. I am not a Catholic, but I am a Mother Teresa fan. She once expressed my philosophy perfectly when she said, "If you can't feed a hundred, then feed just one."

But our leadership in America has much more important things than starving children to worry about. We still have more countries to bomb.

Do you ever wonder how much longer God is going to bless America?

I wonder about it often.



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