Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cal's Straight Talk -- Will the Party Crash the Party?

I don't see us having martial law installed by Bush -- he's never been anything but figurehead and he really has no interest in running the country. For Bush, the whole president thing was just ego anyway. He is ready to get out and, as he said, "replenish his coffers," probably by sitting on Corp criminal boards and collecting huge fees.

I can see another election been rigged and stolen though.

The way I see it, "the corrupted system" is not going to change without some kind of revolution -- whatever kind may come about -- a mass one or one in the form of a rebel president. But obviously there isn't going to be a revolution any time soon because the sheeple are all caught up in hoping this election will change something.

So I say, put the Dems in -- the Repubs have already destroyed themselves -- give the Dems a chance to destroy themselves. The Dem congress certainly has destroyed itself since it was put in power. Its rating has hit bottom because of the members' incompetence, "neo" tendencies, and not listening to the voters who put them in control of congress. The same thing happening in a Dem White House should finish them off pretty well.

When there is no party left for the sheeple to run to -- then we will be ripe for a revolution.

So go ahead and give the Dems enough rope to hang themselves. Let's see what happens. Maybe they will suicide their party like the Repubs did. Or maybe not. Maybe they will wake up before it's too late and realize they work for us -- the people.



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