Saturday, January 14, 2006


Democrats in the Senate wouldn't block the confirmation of Judge Sam-I-Am Alito even if they could. They don't have the backbone. Democrats were in the majority in 1991 and, after a vicious three-ring-circus that showed the total incompetence and perversion of Clarence Thomas; that showed just how far legislators of all stripes are willing to go if the TV lights are on, to smear, defame and destroy a witness -- especially if that witness is a black woman -- they confirmed Clarence Thomas.

Thomas, who takes his orders from the black-hearted Antonin Scalia, makes Alito look like a liberal. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for the direction the Supreme Court will move during the next several decades. They have had every opportunity to prevent it and didn't.

Don't give republicans any credit for the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Give democrats the blame.

Ol Yeller


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